Credit without credit check and co-applicant

Credit check registers contractual commitments and financial misconduct. A credit without credit check is useful for existing negative entries, but it is also advisable for creditworthiness reasons if the consumer plans extensive further financing within the next six months. A co-applicant is a second person who takes out the loan together with the current borrower.

Take out credit check-free loans

Take out credit check-free loans

You can only take out an otherwise secured loan without credit check and co-applicants. The classic credit check-free loan is the loan of a pawnbroker, which requires the deposit of a pledge. Owners of life insurance, including private pension insurance, can lend it and receive the desired credit from their insurance company without credit check and co-applicants, since their own claims from the insurance contract serve as credit security. In a similar way, savings bonds and securities can be lent through financial institutions.

However, pension insurance and savings contracts funded under the pension cannot be granted without retrospective loss of state support. Dedicated loans without a renewed credit check request are approved by mail order companies for their existing customers, as they only obtain credit check information before the first order on account and later use payment behavior as an internal credit rating.

Borrowing without credit check and co-applicants

Borrowing without credit check and co-applicants in Switzerland

Banks can take out a loan without credit check and co-applicants as consumer loans. The federal banks only obtain credit information, whose database only contains information about contracts processed there. The borrower applies for the loan without credit check and co-applicants via the Internet or by post and receives the money in dollars.

Since the repayment is also made in the European currency, there is no exchange rate risk. The maximum amount for a loan applied for directly from the bank without credit check and without co-applicant is usually 3500, for a few institutes 5000 dollars. For higher loans, the use of a credit agency is required. This is reputable if it does not charge any upfront costs and a reasonable success commission.